vircorX A Family Organizer
vircorX A Family Organizer

Integrated messenger and organizer for family and friends

Your phone or email doubles down as the authenticator as well ad id for others to connect with you.
No passwords to remember.
Add family, relations and friends using their email or phone number.
Start communicating and coordinating.
Create groups to chat, share and keep in sync.
You can set multiple alerts, alerts at different times for days of week, or multiple times for the same day.
You can share these events with any of your relations/groups. No more trying to hack calendars.
vircorX lets you share checklists which serve as a todo list or a shopping list or what to pack for your next vacation. Anyone it is shared with can view and edit it.
Add reminders for things that need to get done.
Just plain notes. Write anything and share. It could be a recipe, it could be quotes, it could be kids shoe sizes.
It is wet clay, shape it as you want.
Agenda view to see snaopshow of how today, tomorrow or next week looks like.